The Makers Collective®
empowers creative entrepreneurs while cultivating a supportive community around them.

Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs

Designed to empower creative entrepreneurs, our initiatives provide educational business resources and avenues for makers to show and sell their work.

Cultivating Community

The maker revolution created a desire to experience quality handcrafted goods. We connect the outside community with talented makers and further the cycle of creativity.


In addition to our core team, each event is made possible by the help of numerous volunteers, board members, sponsors, friends, and family.


Event Director

Community Director

Creative Director


Our Story

Our organization seeks to fulfill the needs of the creative community. In 2010, we observed that artists and makers around the South needed a way to put their work in front of a larger community. So we created our first event, Indie Craft Parade — a festival showcasing local, handmade art. Since then, our desire to help creatives has only grown. In 2013, we founded The Makers Summit, an annual business conference for creative entrepreneurs, while hosting dozens of workshops, seminars, and gatherings in the meantime.

The Makers Collective was created to best serve the creative community that we love and to unify all of our initiatives under a singular organization. As we continue to host the Indie Craft Parade festival, business conference, and numerous smaller events, this structure helps us focus on what we do best: turning artists into entrepreneurs and creating a community to support them.


Greenville, SC

Because we founded the Makers Collective in Greenville, many of our initiatives were created for the benefit of our hometown. Our organization lends a distinct dimension to Greenville’s already dynamic arts scene, attracts thousands of visitors to our beautiful city every year, and contributes to the birth and growth of local creative businesses.

The South

The Makers Collective seeks to connect Southern makers to the national modern craft movement. We foster a renewed interest in handmade goods and provide exposure for both experienced and emerging artists. We accomplish this goal through Indie Craft Parade, an annual festival that brings some of the best artists in the South together under one roof.

The United States

While the Makers Collective may immediately impact our Southern neighbors, we also benefit creative entrepreneurs across the country. The Makers Summit, our business resources, and our ever-growing network of makers are open to anyone looking to expand their business.