Since 2010, the Indie Craft Parade festivals have brought over 50,000 artists, makers, entrepreneurs and their fans to Greenville, South Carolina.

Indie Craft Parade is an initiative of The Makers Collective. It was created for the Greenville, SC community in order to:

· Support and promote independent artists by connecting them with the public.
· Educate our community about the modern craft movement and encourage a renewed appreciation for quality handmade goods.
· Highlight and contribute to the artistic and innovative local economy of Greenville, SC.

The Purpose of Indie Craft Parade

Indie Craft Parade is a curated makers’ market that brings together some of the South’s best handmade talent. Held each September, this festival helps fulfill our mission of creating a supportive community around artists. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the incredible momentum and success of independent makers across the country and our desire is to encourage more of this growth in our own community.

Regional Focus

Our festival highlights the amazing work that is coming out of the South. While there are fantastic makers throughout the country, we focus on our regional neighbors. This model not only encourages festival attendees to buy local, but also introduces them to artists with whom they can build ongoing relationships.

To maintain our regional focus, we only accept applications from artists who live in the Southern area of the United States, as defined by the US Census. These states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Meet the 2016 Jury

Each artist submission is reviewed anonymously by the Makers Collective team and a rotating panel of judges. Work is selected based on the factors of quality, innovation and uniqueness.

Barb Blair, Knack Studio

Barb Blair, Knack Studios

Barb Blair is a furniture designer, author, and shop owner. She is an avid lover of color and has a fresh eye for unpredictable combinations of style and texture. Barb is famous for her knack with furniture – spotting classic pieces, transforming them into modern showstoppers, and styling them within gorgeous spaces. Knack is Barb's brick and mortar shop where she sells her furniture designs, as well as a lovely selection of home and gift products. She is the author of 2 books: Furniture Makeovers, and Furniture Makes the Room published by Chronicle Books.


Brit McDaniel, Paper & Clay

Brit McDaniel is the artist behind and owner of Paper & Clay: Modern Handmade Ceramics. She established her studio in 2013 after receiving a BFA from the University of Memphis. Her Scandinavian-Inspired ceramic work has been featured on Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Southern Living and more. In 2014 Brit co-founded Memphis Indie Holiday Market, a curated craft fair in her hometown of Memphis. Last Summer she was honored at Etsy's Open Call ceremony, and in 2015 she was a runner-up in Garden & Gun's Made in the South Awards. 


Dan Christofferson, Beeteeth

Dan Christofferson is a designing/illustrating Dad from Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to pencil, paint, ink and vectors; Dan overuses cryptic symbols from Utah history to exaggerate folk tales of the high dessert. He is also the founder and sole member of two different (and very successful) secret societies.


Kristen Ley, Thimblepress®

In 2011, Kristen opened Thimblepress, a letterpress studio, art studio, sewing studio, design studio, woodworking studio, and basically anything creative that Kristen wants to try her hand at next. With the love of handmade, art, color and pattern, Kristen hopes to make Thimblepress a reflection of her life, love of her family, and her favorite places in the world; one of them being Mississippi.