DIY Round Up: Jewelry Holders

ProjectsElizabeth Ramos

How many of you (like me) resolve each New Year to keep a better organized life? I've created a whole list of house, yard, and general life projects to keep me going through 2012. However, I don't want all my tasks to be drudge work (i.e., cleaning out the fridge more often). I've resolved to keep things ship-shape in a fashionable and functional way--creative hooks, repurposed wire baskets, refurbished storage units and the like. Or, take a look at these DIY jewelry holders I've collected as reference. I could certainly use any of these to keep all my Indie Craft Parade finds/treasures in order. These three DIY projects have great tutorials, and could totally be finished in a weekend using thrifted or salvaged materials. The weather here in Greenville is gorgeous this weekend. It's days like these that make me hopeful to keep my New Year's resolutions. We'll see how far I get.

A lovely repurposed type drawer from Tonya Staab.

Earring organizer using old frames and thick wire mesh from Dream Green DIY.

Necklace rack/display shelf made with a few materials from the hardware store from A Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.