What are you working on? Art and Craft in Greenville.

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I've got some cute handmade goodness to share with you today. More submissions from around Greenville! We have such an awesome crafty community. If you have a craft or art pieces you want to share, please email photos and stories to



First these adorable applique baby tees from Annabelle Carter from

Humdiddly Blog

. She makes them for her boys and also sells them on her Etsy shop.

Owl appliques for both boys and girls.

I love the giraffe!

Second, I want to share these refinished furniture goods from Shan Grech. This London born girl now lives in Greenville, and as a hobby she refinishes cast off furniture with the oh-so-popular chalk paint.


She gives second hand uglies, like this, a fresh life, like these below.


If you want to see more of her work, she has some on display at

Even A Sparrow Boutique