Featured Artist: Tilson Sister Terrariums

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

Today's featured artists are two sisters who create these beautiful little terrariums. I was so thrilled when I saw this entry come through. I LOVE terrariums! And these mossy little woodlands are absolutely adorable.

When making the terrariums, they make sure that each piece is unique. They collect the moss, find the perfect container for each terrarium, and then craft and paint each figurine by hand. Although they started out by giving terrariums as gifts to friends and family members, they're now sharing these little gems with everyone else.

I particularly love how they show off the strata of the terrariums by using the apothecary jars to display their work. I think they're like perfect parfaits of earth and moss. And I can't wait to meet these girls at Indie Craft Parade!