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General InfoElizabeth Ramos

Welcome to the official blog of Indie Craft Parade! It's hard to believe that in a few short months our second annual event will be in full swing. We're in the midst of all the planning, and have created a blog for sharing all the wonderful details along the way.

We'll introduce you to the amazing people such as our jury, organizers, and sponsors who make this event possible. You'll also have a chance to preview a lot of the work that will be on display at Indie Craft Parade through our artist spotlights. (You'll have a shopping list ready by September for sure!) Plus, we're developing a whole section of tips and tidbits for emerging crafters. We'lll share secrets of the trade from veteran crafters and small business owners and discuss topics like creating a successful booth display and how to better sell your work. Also, expect some fun posts about crafting trends, upcoming events, and a few DIY projects for when you need a little inspiration.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!