What we've been up to

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

Even before we packed up our goods from the first Indie Craft Parade last September, we began planning the second event. A party this big takes a lot of prep and coordination, and we've been working on a few tricks to make this year's event even better than the first.Let me share a little of what we've been scheming:

1) We've applied to become an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This not only opens us to a broader range of sponsorships, but also (and more importantly) it will help us give back to our own arts community. As Indie Craft Parade grows, we want to use our proceeds to benefit the art programs of local schools. We want kids to continue the rich tradition of arts and crafts that has flourished over the past few years, and Indie Craft Parade can really help encourage that end. If you want to assist us giving back, please review our sponsorship opportunities.

2) We've expanded our organizational team into an official board of directors and assembled a new jury for this year's event. We called on the help of long standing friends, art professionals, and members of Greenville's art community to assist with the planning and selection process for the Second Annual Indie Craft Parade. These individuals have all influenced Greenville's art scene and have graciously partnered with us to find the Southeast's best artists for our event. Don't worry...we'll introduce them and their fabulous work in later posts.

3) We keep crafting. In the months since Indie Craft Parade, we have yet to put our tools down. We don't just organize this event, we actually participate in and attend similar festivals around the Southeast. We've had so much fun connecting with vendors at regional fairs such as The Big Crafty,Indie Craft Experience, and Crafty Feast, and we hope to see lots of the friends we've made take part in our event as well.