DIY Round Up: Scrap Fabric Projects

ProjectsElizabeth Ramos

Happy weekend everyone! I've got a DIY round up today that's particularly dear to my heart. I love fabric. I practically collect it, which gets me into trouble particularly when I piles of scraps to deal with. I can't throw them away. There's always something more that you can squeeze out of them. So while jewelry making is usually the fate of my scraps, I've come across a number of adorable projects that might require me to dig deeper into the scrap bin. If you don't have a fabric fetish like me, you probably still don't need to go out and by any for these projects. Old tee shirts, blouses, sweaters and even neckties usually make crafting fabric.

Craft away!

How cute are these covered bobbies? You'll have to buy the hardware for this project, but this tutorial from Christina Williams spells everything out nicely.

These fabric feathers featured on 100 layer cake are easy to make and so versatile. They'd look great as hair pins, gift wrap embellishments or little pops of texture in a flower arrangement.

Need a functional and still cute way to contain your fabric scraps (or anything else for that matter)?  The Sometimes Crafter put together a great tutorial that will keep you from using your good tupperware to organize your odds and ends.

Tattered fabric roses, though not a new craft, still have an elegant charm. My favorite thing about them: you can use them to customize just about anything. Pin them onto bags or coat lapels; stitch them onto cardigans or scarves. Everyone will be amazed when they find out you did it yourself. Tutorial found on Everyday Chaos.