Artist Showcase: Everything Else

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

In our artist showcase series, we feature a few makers from each category, who you’ll get to meet in just over 2 weeks. Can you believe the festival is almost here?! We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade! The Et cetera category has a great variety of artists and goods that stand in a group all their own. From home decor and accessories to kitchen and garden goods, you'll want to remake your life around these products.

Don't forget, if you want to see everyone, old and new, who will be at this year's festival, check out their websites, found on our main site.

Hawks & Doves is a NC based maker who repurposes found materials in conjunction with both new and dead stock American made textiles and USA leather. We're dying over the feed sack pillows and especially those gorgeous aprons.

Blackjack Wax Company focuses on creating high quality, small batch soy candles. Each candle is personally hand-poured in batches of ten or less. We think you'll love their original scents like "front porch" and "film noir."


NATIVE BEAR products include hand printed paper goods and home decor featuring original designs and illustrations. Channel your inner bohemian and enjoy this collection.

The Zen Succulent is a mother/daughter team making contemporary glass vases filled with minimal color-blocked landscapes and live greenery. Each piece uses both live and preserved plants for a product that is one-of-a-kind.

Very Fine South makes a fantastic collection of bags and home decor. We think we can find a use for every one of her products.

Calling All Volunteers

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

Every year the festival relies on a lot more than the staff who organizes it or the artists who make it awesome. We need a core group of volunteers to ensure the festival runs smoothly. If you've attended and enjoyed the festival in the past, it's largely to the credit of the people who give their free time over the course of the weekend. The volunteers keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and we're so thankful for them.

So if you'd like to be involved as a volunteer for Indie Craft Parade, please get in touch by emailing You don't need any particular skills--mainly a friendly smile and the willingness to dig in and help! 



artist showcase: paper goods

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

In our artist showcase series, we feature a few makers from each category, who you’ll get to meet in just a few weeks. We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade!Today we’re highlighting a handful of artists from our Paper Goods category. Books, stationary, posters, accessories are just a few of the amazing things you'll find. All the sudden you'll want to send letters to everyone.

Strawberry Moth creates amazing illustrated products from cards, posters, pennants, and accessories. We can't wait to see this entire collection in person.

Linen Laid Felt combines traditional book-binding techniques with contemporary designs. We particularly love that the books can be used as photo books. Even your Instagram photos can have a place to go.

Tin Oiseau is a delightful collection of purposeful and customized stamps. You'll want something for every part of your life...library, cards, and tags. It will make sending gifts and mail that more special.

Paper Sparrow is an Indie Craft Parade veteran, but has developed a wonderful expanded line of posters, cards and stationary. My favorite is the abstracted representation of composers' work. These posters are great.

artist showcase: to wear

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

In our artist showcase series, we feature a few makers from each category, who you’ll get to meet in just a few weeks. We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade! Today we're highlighting a handful of artists from our To Wear category. This is a broad lot including jewelry, menswear, kids clothes, and a lot of accessories. You'll be able to find something for everyone in your life from these artists.

Esse Quam Videri uses the Japanese dying technique of shibori to create these lovely one-of-a kind silk scarves.


Megan Cash has made a perfectly classic, yet fresh take on menswear. Keep the men in your life looking dapper with her creations.

Carolina Keiki has created an adorable line of kids' clothes from their studio / shop in North Carolina. Pretty sure you wish your clothes were this cute and comfy.

Timberline Jewelry is the creation of furniture designers turned jewelry makers. Building off strong geometric patterns and designs, this line is both classic and trendy.

Maritime Supply Co. reflects all of our needs to get to the ocean. Suited for both men and women, these pieces will make you want to head to the beach.

Artist Showcase: Fiber Art

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

In our artist showcase series, we feature a few makers from each category, who you’ll get to meet in just over a month. We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade!

Today we’re highlighting some of the artists from our Fiber Art category. In this section you’ll find amazing handmade work created with felt, fabric, and yarn. Often the artists are even responsible for making their own patterns, prints, and even the materials themselves. And once again we had a difficult time choosing who to showcase, there are so many talented artists in this category!

Bonnie Christine is a woman of many talents. She runs the blog Going Home to Roost, makes her own fabric designs, illustrations, and patterns. And makes the most amazing products from them all.

Jennifer Lesley Design creates a variety of original home goods and decorations. From hand printed, painted, or dyed fiber and fabric, she makes a one of a kind collection.

Muncle Fred Art is a felt florist. Whether looking for a long lasting arrangement for your living room, a gift for a special occasion, or decorations for you next big event, you're sure to love these creations.

Hey Baby Craft Co. is doing an amazing job of preserving traditional quilting with her own modern twist. We can't wait to see these in person!

2014 VIP Tickets now on sale

Craft News, Events, Festivals, GreenvilleElizabeth Ramos

It’s already that time of year again…VIP Gala tickets are on sale as of today! This kickoff party will begin our favorite weekend celebrating handmade goods.

If you’ve never been before, here are a few things you need to know that make the VIP Gala special:Lighter crowds: The opening night is your best chance to get to know the artists and get first dibs on their work. We sell a limited number of VIP tickets to make that evening special and allow ticket holders to avoid the crowds of Saturday and Sunday.

Giveaways: Our artists always go above and beyond in donating work to our giveaway baskets. We usually have 12-15 baskets worth over $100 each. Each basket will find their way home with a VIP ticket holder.


Free Food and Drink: Catered this year by Chef Peter and his team at Chef 360 Catering, the food is going to be out of this world. And in keeping with the theme of buying fine local craft products, we’ll be serving locally produced beverages including coffee from Greenville's newest coffee shop, Methodical Coffee, house blended teas and lemonade from Tealoha, and a selection of South Carolina made beers and ciders.

Live Music: And to top it all off, there's live music! This year we're excited to have local band Pioneer Fires playing for us during the VIP event. Their sound will be the perfect backdrop to the party. You won’t want to miss it!


The 2014 VIP Gala will be held on Friday, September 12 from 6 to 9 pm at the Huguenot Mill in downtown Greenville, SC. This ticketed event kicks off the festival weekend, and helps support our artists and the mission of Indie Craft Parade. Check out the full details on our website and get your tickets here!

Artist Showcase: 3D Fine Art

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

In our artist showcase series, we feature a few makers from each category, who you’ll get to meet at the festival about a month and a half. We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade!

Today we’re highlighting some of the artists from our 3D Fine Art category. In this section you’ll find amazing handmade work created with wood, glass, metal, and ceramics. And once again we had a difficult time choosing who to showcase, there are so many talented artists in this category!

Bean and Bailey ceramics is a Chattanooga duo producing small-batch functional porcelain pots. They use colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms, as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems.

Churp Modern combines an interest in bird houses and modern architecture. Matt Estrada uses reclaimed wood to house the yard birds in style.

SLAB creates beautifully function home goods. From the local Greenville mills, they source top quality walnut, cherry, and maple wood and produce serving boards, utensils, and perfectly streamlined furniture.

Pixels and wood combines a love of hand lettering with reclaimed goods. From the workshop in Winston-Salem, they take pride in bringing new life to old things and repurposing them in unexpected ways.

Featured Sponsor: MailChimp

Behind The Scenes, General Info, SponsorsElizabeth Ramos

One tool we frequently use that makes our lives easier also happens to be a company who actively supports creative events across the country like Indie Craft Parade. It’s our friends at MailChimp!We like to seek out sponsors whose services are valuable and relevant to our artists and fans. And we also like to share tools we use to make our organization more efficient. MailChimp is both of those.


If you receive our Indie Craft Parade or Makers Summit newsletters, then you’ve seen MailChimp in action. (And if you’re not on the list, you can sign up at the bottom of our sites!). MailChimp makes communicating via email so much easier.

They also provide a set of great Resources for beginners, whether you're selling items online, a nonprofit like us, or just getting started sending emails. For those already familiar with MailChimp, be sure to look into the many ways you can integrate your MailChimp account with other services you use regularly like Facebook, Twitter and some eCommerce platforms!

While you're at it, be sure to let MailChimp know you appreciate their support of events like Indie Craft Parade.

Artist Showcase: 2D Fine Art

Artist ShowcaseElizabeth Ramos

It’s time to start one of our favorite blog series. As we get closer to the 2014 festival, we’ll be featuring a few artists from each category. You'll get to meet them all at the festival in just a few short weeks. We guarantee this little sneak peek will have you counting down the days until Indie Craft Parade! 

Let’s start off the series with some makers from our 2D Fine Art category. There are so many talented artists; it’s hard to pick just a few!

Chris Koelleworks on a variety of illustrative, graphic, and design from here in Greenville, SC. You should check out his impressive list of published works. His series of botanical prints and originals will be a feature of his booth at Indie Craft Parade.

ElloLovey creates inspiring and whimsical prints as well as other handmade goods from her home studio. You'll find that her creations are partly inspired by her British heritage as well as the woodland scenery that surrounds Asheville, NC.

Joe Engel is a mixed media artist dividing his time working and living in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. Working out of a small studio in the countryside, Joe creates original handmade artwork with a combination of salvaged materials and original designs. 

2014 Call for Entries: Last Chance

Craft News, Events, Festivals, GreenvilleElizabeth Ramos

This is it! Sunday, June 22 at midnight EST is your last chance to apply for this year's Indie Craft Parade. We do not consider late or incomplete applications, so if you've started an application but haven't finished yet, this weekend is your last opportunity to finish and submit!

For those who aren't applying, but know an artist who should submit their work, we've made it easy for you to send out an email introduction to Indie Craft Parade. Help us find the best handmade goods in the South!

It's the National Day of Making!

Craft NewsElizabeth Ramos

Hello Crafters, Creators, and Makers of all kind, and Happy National Day of Making! We love that in the past few years more and more Americans are looking to their neighbors and  friends as well as local/regional sources to buy things that they used to purchase from faceless corporations. It's exciting to watch people actually discover where their goods come from--whether that's forming a relationship with a farmer or small grocer, buying handmade decorations and accessories, or searching for local businesses to accomplish a task or need. All across the country and even across the globe, people want to buy from other specific people.

We're also very proud that Indie Craft Parade has helped facilitate some of these changes in our own area. Every time we host the Festival or The Makers Summit, we see new artists taking the next step to increase what they make, and we see new people in the community hungry to buy from them.

So in this spirit of celebrating making, we join Maker Faire in spreading the word about this day dedicated to making. For those of you unfamiliar with Maker Faire, a brief explanation: Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned.

Maker Faire hosts events all across the country to support individuals and businesses using their creativity. While the scope of Maker Faire is much broader than Indie Craft Parade, many of our objectives are the same. Chiefly...promoting making, and everyone who's doing it. Maker Faire's impact has become so extensive that it even caught the attention of the President. Today the White House itself is hosting its first ever Maker Faire (as explained by OK GO in this video).

So spend part of your day celebrating making. If you're an artist or crafter, show the world what you're working on. If you know makers who should be celebrated, tag them in your social media posts. And be sure to watch all of the action of the Maker Faire at the White House today. Follow #NationOfMakers on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and of course, tag Indie Craft Parade on Instagram when you post photos what you're making.

P.S. If you're curious which makers we're loving right now, check out our newly added Etsy page. Celebrate making! Celebrate handmade!

2014 jury: how it works and who's behind it

Artist Showcase, Behind The ScenesElizabeth Ramos

We're so pleased to announce this year's jury who will be responsible for choosing the 2014 exhibitors for Indie Craft Parade. These people have shaped their artists' communities both at home and abroad, and we know they're going to help us put on a magnificent show. Before presenting the jury, here’s a little insight into the process of how they will choose the participants in our show.

When all of the applications are collected, jury members review them by viewing the submitted photos as well as a brief description of the artist's work. This information is presented anonymously to the jury to level the playing field as much as possible. Each category is juried separately, so although applicants may apply in multiple categories (example: a ceramic artist that also makes screen printed tea towels). Artist's work may be accepted in some categories and declined in others. After reviewing the application, each jury member casts a vote for or against, and the application is accepted, declined, or put on a waiting list.

In previous years, our jury has met together as a group here in Greenville and curated the show in a single (very long) day. To better accommodate these generous folks and allow for a wider variety of jury members, we are moving our entire jurying process online. Our jury will now be able to review applications and cast their votes electronically. This allows us to select future jury members from a much broader area and ensures that Indie Craft Parade will continue to be fresh every year.

So without further ado, here's our jury:

Barb Blair: Owner of Knack Studios

Jon Andrews: Assemblage sculptor and professor

Katie Coston: Native Greenvillian now running a ceramics studio and shop in Oxford, England

Jude Landry: Professor and graphic designer, we love his Makers Gonna Make design

And new to the jury...The Indie Craft Parade team.

To make sure our vision for Indie Craft Parade never wavers, we've decided to claim a single jury vote for ourselves. Until this year, our main role in curating the festival has been to select the jury and facilitate the jurying day. Five years later, we'd like to weigh in. Of course, our collective vote will not count any more than other jury members. (Sorry to disappoint all of you who applicants who were ready to send bribes.) We still want the choosing of exhibitors to be guided by a panel of artists who we trust. But we do want to make sure our voice is represented as well.

So that's how it works. We're so thankful to the jury who takes the time to do a difficult job. All of our amazing applicants don't make their job easy!

Applications Now Open!

Craft News, Festivals, General InfoElizabeth Ramos

The long wait is over! Applications for Indie Craft Parade are now open. Put together your best product photos and send them our way through our online application. We can't wait to see who all comes in this year!

If you're not a maker but you know someone who is (and who you think should be a part of our festival), tell them to apply. We've made it easier than ever to recommend applying to Indie Craft Parade. Check out this automatic message here, and send it to your crafty friends.

Thanks to all our friends and supporters who attend each festival. We'll see you in 103 days!

Indie Craft Parade: Made in the South

Craft NewsErin Godbey

Since our first show in 2010, Indie Craft Parade has been dedicated to showcasing the best handmade goods in the South. We believe in supporting the creative renaissance in our region. We love that makers like those who exhibit at Indie Craft Parade are reinventing Southern culture and putting us on the map as a creative hub. There are many amazing shows that cater to artists from all over the nation, so for that reason we are currently limiting applications to Southern makers only. This model not only encourages festival attendees to buy local, but also introduces them to artists with whom they can build ongoing relationships.

The festival is open to makers from all Southern states, as defined by the US Census. This formal definition of the South includes 17 states along historic and geographic boundaries.

If you are a potential Indie Craft Parade artist living in one of these South or if you know of great artists in these states, please apply! We always enjoy seeing new work and meeting more of our Southern makers.

Applications always open June 1.

Although the festival is limited to Southern makers at this time, we wholeheartedly love creatives from everywhere, and that's why we created Makers Summit.

Etsy Craft Party

Events, GreenvilleElizabeth Ramos

The Etsy Global Craft Party is back! And this time it's hosted by our local South Carolina Etsy Team.

What is Craft Party? Every year, people from around the world come together on the same day in locally organized Etsy Craft Parties to create art and inspire each other. In 2013, more than 11,000 people took part in Craft Parties in locations across the globe!

The 2014 theme is Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs. Partygoers can bring a special photograph, perhaps one that carries personal memories and nostalgia. Then, with needle and thread or paint and pen, transform that old photograph into a new handmade heirloom.


There will be crafts, food, drinks, and some great giveaways on hand, so mark your calendars now. Bring an old photograph (or a copy of one) to transform, $2 to design your own coffee mug, or your own craft to work on. This is a great opportunity to network, meet local Etsy sellers and buyers, and make some fun memories. All the details are below:

Where: Due South Coffee in Taylors Mill 250 Mill Street Taylors, SC 29687 When: June 6th, from 4pm-6pm

RSVP to reserve your spot.

Next Event: Bookbinding

Craft News, Events, General Info, ProjectsElizabeth Ramos

Our next event is coming up very soon, and if you've ever wanted to learn more about bookbinding, this is your chance! Cindy Leaders, an Indie Craft Parade alumnus and talented bookmaker will teach us how to create books using reclaimed materials. And what better place to learn about making books than at the library?

Join us at the Downtown Hughes Main Library in Greenville and learn how to make Buttonhole Pocket Books, a simple bookbinding technique that is easy to recreate at home. These little books would be perfect for sketching, journaling or even giving as a gift.

Cindy Leaders, with some of her Useful Books.

Students should bring a pair of needle nosed pliers (curved are preferable). Additional materials and tools will be provided to make three 3” x 4” books. All skill levels are welcome.

When: Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 2 PM – 4 PM Where: Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Place, Greenville, SC 29601 Cost: $22

Reserve your spot now!

Workshop Recaps

Events, General InfoElizabeth Ramos

It's hard to believe that there's only a couple of workshops left on the calendar. We've had such an amazing time getting to know all of you who have attended the workshops. We began the monthly workshops to extend our relationships with the community, and we think it's been a great success. I know we've seen some of you at every event--so wonderful! We're also thankful to the instructors who have so kindly shared their talents and knowledge with our participants. Here's a quick look back at the previous two workshops. Also a look ahead at what's on the calendar.

Jivan Dave demonstrating and instructing the best way to use your iPhone for product photography:

Amy Walcher of Urban Digs teaching how to build and maintain a successful terrarium. We had no idea what all went into it--such great information!

A look ahead:

Remaining workshop classes--Bookbinding and Homebrewing Indie Craft Parade applications open on June 1!

DIY Tea Towel project

Projects, Tips & TricksElizabeth Ramos

Since meeting Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte at The Makers Summit, we're completely amazed by the depth of her both her blog and her product design. She's partnered with top crafting companies to create one of a kind crafting supplies that are unique as well as easy and fun to use.

Today, we're excited to show you what we did with one of these products — adhesive stencils. We had so much fun making some custom tea towels with her stencils, and we wanted to share this fun tutorial with you. Here's a peek at the simple supplies you need. You can find the full tutorial on Kollabora.