Indie Craft Parade: Made in the South

Craft NewsErin Godbey

Since our first show in 2010, Indie Craft Parade has been dedicated to showcasing the best handmade goods in the South. We believe in supporting the creative renaissance in our region. We love that makers like those who exhibit at Indie Craft Parade are reinventing Southern culture and putting us on the map as a creative hub. There are many amazing shows that cater to artists from all over the nation, so for that reason we are currently limiting applications to Southern makers only. This model not only encourages festival attendees to buy local, but also introduces them to artists with whom they can build ongoing relationships.

The festival is open to makers from all Southern states, as defined by the US Census. This formal definition of the South includes 17 states along historic and geographic boundaries.

If you are a potential Indie Craft Parade artist living in one of these South or if you know of great artists in these states, please apply! We always enjoy seeing new work and meeting more of our Southern makers.

Applications always open June 1.

Although the festival is limited to Southern makers at this time, we wholeheartedly love creatives from everywhere, and that's why we created Makers Summit.