Indie Craft Parade in review: Hanging with the vendors

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

We couldn't put on a successful event without the word of mouth information that people pass around. This is why we're so thankful for the bloggers, facebook fans, and contributors to our Flickr page who share their love of indie craft with everyone else. Today I have another round of photos to share. This time we're looking at the specific work and booths of the vendors themselves. Again, all these photos are gathered from bloggers who attended our event. Thanks again, guys!


Check out more of Elizabeth's work at her shop in town! Image courtesy of Yellow Elm.


Booth of the ever lovely Emily Jeffords. Image courtesy of Beautiful Hello.


Yes we did have custom printed Toms! Booth of Matt Bulter. Image courtesy of Gap Creek Gourmet.

Fun at Ivey Handcrafted. Image courtesy of The Best Laid Plans.

The plushest, sweetest toys ever from Finklestein's Center. Image Courtesy of Liza Jane Sew.

Booth shots of Lily Pottery, Joseph Bradley, Ink Meets Paper. Image courtesy of Beautiful Hello.

Quilts and other goodness from Rachel. Image courtesy of Stitched in Color.