Details for the Best Craft Party Ever!

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

We've had so much fun over the past few months planning The Makers Summit, and today we're giving you a sneak peek into our after-party. Sponsored by MailChimp, we guarantee it will be The Best Craft Party Ever.

The party begins at 7:00 PM on February 2, and you don't have to attend the conference to participate. The Craft Party is a separate event designed simply to celebrate the fun of making and meeting other makers. You also don't have to be naturally crafty or artistically inclined to join us. We've designed the party so everyone---professional and newbie alike---can try their hand at something new.


So here's what to expect:

Enjoy a full dinner and open bar provided by a local chef; Choose one of four crafty kits to work on while you create and mingle with experts and peers alike.

You'll have the opportunity to learn to make one of the following: Glass terrarium Beeswax candles Hand stitched leather journal Paper wreath


As mentioned before, you don't have to craft professionally to join the party. The kits include everything you need to take home a completed project. So this is a perfect time to either learn something new or simply try your hand at a craft you've always wanted to make.

Even though you can simply come to meet other creatives, we think this will make an ideal night out for couples or just a group of friends.

On top of all the crafting and eating, we'll have screen print and letterpress stations set up where you can learn to print your own tee shirt and letterpress posters.

So please put The Best Craft Party Ever on your calendar. Tickets are $50 per person (separate from the conference)  and include a complete dinner, a craft kit, access to letterpress and screen printing,  plus the chance to make new friends who also love handmade.

Reserve your spot today!