Sponsor Feature: Spoonflower Fabric

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

We're so thankful to have incredible sponsors that make our work possible. So today I want to tell you all about Spoonflower fabric. Founded in 2008 Spoonflower fabric is the world's first internet based print-your-own fabric company. If you can imagine a fabric, then you can print it! Oh the possibilities! We in the craft world have been going nuts with it ever since.

Not only do we love Spoonflower for the amazing service they provide and the community of crafters they've built up, but also for their support of The Maker's Summit this year! Spoonflower's very own co-founder, Stephen Fraser, will be opening our conference as a keynote speaker. In many ways, he is the entrepreneur's dream come true. Using his background in the tech industry (consulting for Internet start-ups and serving as marketing director for Lulu.com), Stephen created this custom fabric company and has been inspiring small businesses ever since.

At The Makers Summit you'll see plenty of evidence of Spoonflower goodness including giveaways and tons of custom details that will make our conference even more unique. So don't miss out on everything there is to gain from Spoonflower! Check out their website for amazing fabric and projects, or come to The Makers Summit and get inspired to create your own success story!