Featured Sponsor: Virb

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

We're only a week and a half out from The Makers Summit. Crazy! We've been planning and working for what seems like months on end, and now it's almost here.

In the short time we have before meeting everyone at the conference, we want to get you pumped up about all the amazing people you'll meet next Saturday. Speakers, sponsors, and attendees alike contribute to make this conference and party memorable, but we really wouldn't be able to provide what we do

without the help of Virb

--an incredible build-your-own website service.

Your website--which tells the world who you are--can make or break your business. That first online impression is so important, and Virb can help you communicate your brand and products in a simple elegant way. This is one product that we'll sing the praises of over and over again.


Here's some first hand experience from Erin, one of our directors:

I recently used Virb to build a website, and was blown away by how incredibly easy it was to create a beautiful website. My husband is a professional 

illustrator, and had been needing a new website for years. I'm relatively tech-savy, and thought I knew enough to use one of the various website template services. I tried a couple different services, but was so frustrated by the difficulty that I was about to give up, when a friend recommended I try Virb. After tinkering with it for a few minutes, I was hooked. A couple hours later, I had created an amazing website! 

(You can check it out here.)

 Their websites are designed specifically for the creative community, and have all kinds of great features like integrated shops with Big Cartel and Etsy. The templates are so beautifully designed and easily customizable, it was dream to work with. After seeing how easy Virb was to use and how ideal it was for makers, I knew this was a resource we needed to share with the makers community. I reached out to Virb and asked them to partner with us for The Maker Summit, and the rest is history! 

Virb will play a huge role in our event next week. In addition to being the presenting sponsor of

The Best Craft Party Ever

(which is shaping up to be amazing!), Virb is hosting one of our 4 workshops. The lucky people who snagged tickets to the conference will have an opportunity to learn first hand how to make a customized website start to finish.

Whether or not you're attending The Makers Summit, it's worth taking a look at the services Virb has to offer. You'll be amazed at how something so simple will yield such impressive results.