Featured Sponsor: OhSnap! Photobooth

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

Wow! It's been over a month since the 2014 Indie Craft Parade, and we're still reliving the fun of the festival weekend! As we're buttoning up all the remaining details for 2014, we want to make sure you know about one of our favorite and long-time sponsors, Oh Snap! Photobooth. Every year, attendees to the festival look forward to snapping fun, impromptu shots in the photobooth. It's everyone's favorite souvenir (well, a close second after all the amazing handmade art they bought). We've waited a little to give this company proper recognition in order to collect some of our favorite examples from our followers on Instagram. Just a few more reminders of how much fun we had. Ways we love to see Oh Snap! photos appear on Instagram (as sampled below):

-- People showing off their collection of photo strips from multiple festival years -- Seeing pictures of our amazing artists with friends (old and new alike) -- Cramming as many faces as possible into the frame -- Photos of Indie Craft Parade purchases mixed in with souvenir photo strips

Photo courtesy of caraansley.

Photo courtesy of milk__moon.

Photo courtesy of timberline jewelry.

Photo courtesy of finktoys.

Photo courtesy of lorena_uribe11.

Photo courtesy of c_tadlock.

Please, if you ever contemplate having a photobooth at a party or gathering, contact Oh Snap! right away. You will not regret having this amazing feature at your event. The owner, Jon, has worked with us from the beginning of our event, and we couldn't imagine the festival without it!