2011 Food Vendors

UncategorizedElizabeth Ramos

In order to provide easy access to refreshments for our artists and attendees, we save room at our event for a limited number of local food vendors.

We invite and select individuals whose food is in keeping with our theme of local, high-quality, and independent. Which means restaurants and caterers that prepare their goods with fresh, high-quality ingredients and present their offerings attractively are given top priority.

This year, we have a few returning food vendors, and we're proud to introduce you to a local tamale maker! These vendors will be on hand to feed us Saturday and Sunday. Here's a glimpse of what they'll be serving!

Bavarian Pretzel Factory: apple strudel, poppy seed streusel cake, pretzels with dipping sauces, sandwiches

Fresh Tamales: pork tamales with red sauce and refried beans O-CHA tea bar: coffee, water, iced Jasmine Green Tea, Iced Lavendear Rooibos Tea, and a selection of loose teas for hot tea FiggyWhigs Cupcakes: cupcakes, brownies, cookies

These great food vendors are just one more reason to come out and see the show!