Our vision for Greenville

General InfoElizabeth Ramos

Last year people kept telling us how happy they were an event like this had come to Greenville, SC. And we were a little puzzled when many of them asked us when Indie Craft Parade would be back in Greenville--as if it had originated somewhere else. Now, their questions were certainly valid. Frequently craft fairs will move from location to location on a rotating basis, and if you're lucky enough to be close by, you can attend. But we want to make it very clear that Indie Craft Parade is different. We created and maintain this event as something unique to our city. We love Greenville and want to encourage growth in the local and regional art scene from right here in our hometown. Although we love the fact that we're contributing to the national movement of emerging artists, independent crafters, and small business owners, we've decided to put our best efforts here at home. And we hope to make a lasting impression in our special city.